Miss Burma

A powerful novel that tells the tumultuous history of Burma through one family, Benny and Khin and their mysterious daughter, Louisa. Benny is a young Jewish officer working for the British Customs service in Burma when he meets Khin, a member of a long-persecuted ethnic group, the Karen. After Benny and Khin marry, World War II forces them to flee Rangoon with baby Louisa. Less than a decade later, civil war erupts, and the family again faces extreme danger and privation. Extraordinarily, Louisa rises to national fame as the first Miss Burma, but her family’s past will come to haunt her when the country falls to military dictatorship. Beautiful and moving, “Miss Burma” is a profound novel of love and family and an eye=opening portrait of the conflict still haunting Burma today.

  • Author: Charmaine Craig
  • 368 pages, paperback
  • 8 1/3 x 5 ½ inches
  • Published 2018