Your Home Izakaya
Your Home Izakaya Your Home Izakaya Your Home Izakaya Your Home Izakaya

Fun and Simple Recipes Inspired by the Drinking and Dining Dens of Japan

Simple Japanese food, which is perfect for everyday dinners or special occasions

Financial Times Best of Books 2021

In Your Home Izakaya, chef Tim Anderson explores the ‘anything goes’ concept of izakaya by showcasing over 100 flavor-packed recipes.

Izakaya began as sake stores that allowed their customers to drink on the premises, and, over time, they began to serve food as well. The food is simple to prepare but big on flavor, making it conducive to sociable snacking in between gulps of booze.

From Radish and Watercress Salad and Sweetcorn with Soy Sauce Butter, to Spicy Sesame Ramen Salad and Udon Carbonara with Bacon Tempura, the recipes are impressive yet simple to achieve and no specialist equipment is needed. Plus, it includes a guide on how to stock a Japanese bar as well as how to knock up a few choice cocktails.

Full of delicious dishes, Your Home Izakaya is perfect for anyone wanting to make show-off food fit for a dinner party with minimum fuss and maximum fun.

Additional Information:

  • Author: Tim Anderson
  • Published 2021
  • 240 pages, full color photography throughout, hardcover
  • 9.8 X 7.5 inches