Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog, Henry Chang's second novel for Soho Crime, is all atmosphere – meteorological, economic, social and human – with plot strands gradually weaving their way into the story until one realizes that many of the details that constitute the atmosphere turn out to be plot elements...To find out what I mean, you'll have to read the book. ----Detectives Beyond Borders

Jack Yu is one of the few ethnically Chinese officers in the NYPD. Now Jack has been promoted out of the Chinatown Precinct. With multiple murders occurring within days of his transfer, the Ninth Precinct isn’t less violent, per se, but at least Jack doesn’t know most of the perps. When a bloody shootout goes down in Chinatown though, the upper echelons of the NYPD reach out to him for help squelching the escalating gang violence, and Jack learns he cannot get away from Chinatown’s criminals—his old friends—for long.


240 Pages