Choker Necklace

Tzuri, a graduate of Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, is a designer and textile engineer who has been based in Paris since 1996. He challenged the conventions of the trade by approaching traditional handicraft with unprecedented techniques. 
In his quest for textile materials, Gueta came upon silicone, and it soon became his signature material. This polymer, composed mostly of silica, possesses extraordinary properties of solidity and flexibility. By combining silicone with openwork textile material, Gueta invented a technique of blowing silicone into lace. The technique was patented in 2005.

The subtle volume of this simple knot fives any outfit an original touch. The contrast between the color of the fabric and that of the silicone adds to the necklace’s allure. 

Due to the fact that these pieces are made by hand, there may be slight differences between the visuals presented and the jewelry that is delivered.

Approximate length: 19"
Material: 80% silicone, 20% viscose.