Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Puzzle

This 1000-piece puzzle is a superb color reproduction of a Tibetan Buddhist mandala of the protective goddess Sitatapatra from the Asian Art Museum's collection.

A mandala is a diagram of the cosmos and is used as an aid to meditation. A two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional palace, each mandala has a specific deity in the center. 

This mandala puzzle depicts the invincible Goddess of the White Parasol, Sitatapatra Aparajita, a female Bodhisattva and a protective deity. At the top is the Buddha Vajradhara accompanied by the Buddha Shakyamuni (the historical Buddha) and Padmasambhava, the great saint and teacher. Around them are gods and monks. Among the fierce guardians at the lower edge are Penden Lhamo riding her mule (right) and a four-armed seated Mahakala (left).

Additional Information:

  • 1000 pieces
  • Measures 20" x 27" when assembled (almost the exact size of the original work of art)
  • Not suitable for children under age 3