Tibetan Felt Horse

By popular demand, handmade Tibetan felt animals are back in stock — and this horse’s fun colors, wavy tail, bright saddle and flowing mane make him a striking companion! These colorful creations are from the Dropenling Handicraft Center in the heart of Lhasa, near the famed Jokhang temple, considered the most sacred in Tibet. The Tibetan word “Dropenling” means “giving back for the betterment of all sentient beings,” and the center has achieved this purpose by giving back to hundreds of craftspeople all over Tibet who have been affected by the unrest in Lhasa in 2008. The decline in tourism has made it difficult for them to sell their products, but the Dropenling store has provided a steady market for the artisans through fair trade. In addition to its profits being reinvested to support the artisan community, the Center provides design skills, training and development.

Additional information:

  • Size: 12" h x 18” l
  • Material: Felt