Spirits of San Francisco: Voyages Through the Unknown City

From two bestselling, prize-winning, and critically acclaimed contemporary chroniclers of San Francisco comes a rich, illustrated, idiosyncratic portrait of this great city.

Gary Kamiya’s "Cool Gray City of Love" was a runaway hit, an award-winner, and a bestseller. Now, he joins forces with iconic, best-selling illustrator Paul Madonna to take a fresh look at this one-of-a-kind city. Kamiya’s captivating narratives accompany Madonna’s masterful pen-and-ink drawings, breathing life into San Francisco sites both iconic and obscure. "Spirits of San Francisco" marries image and text in a way no book about the city has done before.

Paul Madonna’s atmospheric illustrations will amaze you; his astonishing wide-angle drawing of the “crookedest street in the world” will give you a jaw-dropping new perspective on Lombard Street. And Kamiya’s engaging prose, accompanying each image, offers fascinating vignettes of this incredible city: witness his story of “Dumptown,” the bizarre community that sprang up in the 19th century on top of a massive garbage dump.

Handsome and irresistible — much like the city it chronicle s— "Spirits of San Francisco" is both a visual feast and a detailed, personal, informed portrait of a beloved city.


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  • Author: Gary Kamiya, Illustrator: Paul Madonna
  • Published 2020
  • 224 pages, hardcover
  • 9 ½ X 6 ½ inches