Red Iron Ojizo-sama (Jizo)
Red Iron Ojizo-sama (Jizo) Red Iron Ojizo-sama (Jizo)

Ojizo-sama, better known as Jizo, is one of the most beloved Japanese divinities. Jizo is the embodiment of the Bodhisattva Vow, the aspiration to save all beings from suffering. He has dedicated himself to the protection of souls and vowed to not enter paradise until hell is devoid of all souls.

Jizo statues are common sights in Japan, particularly along road sides and in cemeteries. Many Jizo sculptures depict him carrying a child because he is seen as a protector of children, especially those who have died before their parents. He is also the guradian and protector of travelers.

This small sculpture is cast in iron with a red rob painted on. Iron work dates back centuries in Japan.

3" tall