Rajput Arms and Armour: The Rathores and Their Armoury at Jodjpur Fort

Though the Rajputs are the premier warrior society in India, these books are the first to focus on their arms and armor. The volumes not only advance knowledge of the subject, but also reflect on the significance of the Rathores in history, and their 556-year-old fort.

This book reclaims the Hindu contribution to the military culture of the Mughal period. The Rajputs were very closely aligned to the Mughals from the reign of Akbar in the 16th century but they retained their own distinctive values. The armory at Mehrangarh helps us to enter an unfamiliar world. A tradition of courage and self-sacrifice was conserved in music and poetry, an ideology so extreme that scholars have struggled to concede its existence. This radical book challenges arms and armor orthodoxy and is essential reading for scholars, collectors, and dealers interested in India and its wider culture. With a foreword by the 37th Custodian of Marwar-Jodhpur, His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singhji Sahib Bahadur II of Jodhpur-Marwar.


  • Author: Robert Elgood
  • Published 2017
  • 1024 pages, hardcover
  • 8 X 10 inches