Paint by Numbers; China's Art Factory from Mao to Now by Claire Van Den Heever

Written as reportage in the first person and incorporating numerous interviews, ‘Paint by Numbers’ is a well-informed and fluent account of the art world in China over the past forty years. The book illuminates the correlation between the various forms of artistic expression and the country's social, political and economic changes. Paint by Numbers does not avoid thorny issues: the censoring of the freedom of expression, battled by the formidable dissident Ai Weiwei, the inchoate state of Chinese museums and curatorial standards; and the manipulation of the market value of an artist by heating the auction sales.

It is illuminating to learn from the artists' own opinions and personal experiences. This book is well written and parts of the narrative are very emotional as we hear artist’s own stories as reported by a skilled interviewer.


Paperback: 8.1" wide x 5.6" high x 0.7" deep

195 pages