Making Japanese Woodblock Prints

Japanese woodblock printing is a beautiful art that traces its roots back to the eighth century. This practical book explains the process from design drawing to finished print, and then introduces more advanced printing and carving techniques, plus advice on editioning your prints and their aftercare, tool care, and sharpening. Supported by nearly 200 color photographs, this new book advises on how to develop your ideas, turning them into sketches and a finished design drawing, then how to break an image into the various blocks needed to make a print. It also explains how to use a tracing paper transfer method to take your design from drawing to woodblock and, finally, explains the traditional systems of registration, cutting, and printing that define an authentic Japanese woodblock.


Additional Information: 

  • Author: Laura Boswell
  • Published 2020
  • 96 pages, 190 color photographs, softcover
  • 9 ½ X 6 4/5 inches