Little notes, sweet and unexpected, say everything you need, when we only need to say a little. Even as we’ve taken time since social distancing to reconnect by mail these little notes can be used to leave messages for loved ones in your home, neighbors or friends in the office. Write a love letter or a thoughtful haiku an anecdote or a promise of something you’ll do together. Perfectly sized to slip into a pocket, deliver to a coworker's desk, or attach to a bottle of wine. Each note features a spot illustration-a delicate flower, a graceful branch-that adds charm to your special message.

Set contains 30 writing sheets and envelopes, all packed in a lovely keepsake box.

Additional Information:

  • 30 folded blank notes & envelopes
  • At 3.5 x 4.5 inches these are too small to mail through USPS
  • Packed in a ribboned keepsake box