Japanese Whiskey
Japanese Whiskey Japanese Whiskey Japanese Whiskey

Japanese whisky has been around for less than a century—but is now winning all the
major international awards. How did this happen and what are the secrets of the
master distillers? This whisky book divulges these secrets for the first time.

Japanese Whisky features never-before-published archival images and interviews
chronicling the forgotten stories of Japan's pioneering whisky makers. It reveals the
unique materials and methods used by the Japanese distillers including mizunara
wood, Japanese barley, and novel production methods unique to Japan. It also
examines the close cultural connections between Japanese scotch and whisky drinkers
and their favorite tipples.

For the first time in English, this book presents over a hundred independently scored
tastings from leading Japanese whisky blogger, Yuji Kawasaki, shedding new light on
Japan's most famous single malts as well as grain whiskies and blends. Japan expert
Brian Ashcraft and photographer Idzuhiko Ueda crisscrossed Japan visiting all the
major makers to talk about past and present whisky distillers, blenders and coopers.

  • Author: Brian Ashcraft, Idzuhiko Ueda, Yuji Kawasaki
  • Pages: 144
  • Hardcover
  • Size: 10 x 7.5 inches
  • Published: 2018