Isamu Noguchi: Archaic /Modern
Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern brings together more than eighty works, from six decades, which reveal how the ancient world shaped this inspirational artist’s vision for the future. Monolithic basalt sculptures and floating Akari ceiling lights are juxaposed with works that use stone, water, and light to call to mind elemental structures in civilization across time. Noguchi saw himself as equal parts artist and engineer and this volume devotes special attention to his patented designs, such as Radio Nurse—the first baby monitor, and also includes his designs for stage sets, playgrounds, and utilitarian articles, many of which are still being produced today.


Additional Information: 

  • Author: Dakin Hart
  • Published January 2017
  • 128 pages, 110 color illustrations, hardcover  
  • 11 X  8 inches