Bibi Hanum is a socially responsible enterprise that creates garments and accessories using traditional handwoven silk cotton ikat fiber. Founded by Muhayo Alieva, its mission is to provide economic opportunities for women while preserving Uzbekistan’s rich cultural and ethnographic heritage. 

We create traditional and contemporary clothing using handwoven ikat fabrics. Ikat fabrics are made by master craftsmen in the Fergana Valley, whose families have employed these techniques for generations. This ancient process involves a complex method of patterning silk or cotton warp threads through resist dying before weaving. Our clothing combines ikat with silk, cotton, and velvet and frequently incorporates traditional embroidery produced by women in Nurata, Bukhara, and Samarkand. Tambour, chain stitch, and satin stitch are the primary stitches employed. The clothing is designed and produced in Tashkent. 

May also be used as a framed decoration. 

  • Made in Uzbekistan 
  • 50% silk, 50% cotton 
  • Lining 100% cotton