H is for Hong Kong

Taking the classic primer on an international journey, H is for Hong Kong teaches children to read as well as understand a new culture. Each page is written in English and Chinese, including Chinese characters. Simple, playful, and evocative language describes elements of daily life in Hong Kong. Children will advance their language skills while learning about trams, roosters, chess players, fishermen, lapdogs, shoe repairmen, street sweepers, and more. Every page also features a hand-tinted cyanotype photograph of a typical Hong Kong scene, making this book a pleasure not only for children, but also for their parents, teachers, librarians, and Hong Kong aficionados of all ages.

Additional Information:

  • Author : Tricia Morrissey
  • Illustrator: Elizabeth Briel
  • Published 2009
  • 36 pages, hardcover
  • 10 X 6 ½ inches