Maneki Neko Cat, Mid-century, c.1950-60

This large mid-20th-century Maneki Neko beckoning cat figurine is from the Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture of Japan. The Mikawa region is well known for the availability of high quality clay; in addition the production of over-sized Maneki Neko, they also produced roof tiles and many clay dolls known as "oboko ningyo." Maneki Nekos are considered good luck symbols especially for merchants and businesses. Very distinctive markings, size and coloring. This piece is sourced from Guillermina Emy LaFever, who is known for her unique, quirky art and furnishings with an Asian emphasis. She has traveled the world acquiring and merchandising her incredible collection for 35 years.

  • Handmade in Japan
  • Clay
  • Dust lightly
  • 23.5"H x 15.W" x11.25"D