Ganges Rising From Mountain Streams - Print

Artist: Anamiki Kumari, current student at the Mithila Art Institute

The goddess Ganga is shown as voluptuous and beautiful, carrying an overflowing pot in her hand, which conveys the idea of abundant life and fertility. Her animal mount is the makara, a hybrid creature having the body of a crocodile and the tail of a fish.

Ganga is restless, rolling energy in the form of which the otherwise reclusive Shiva appears on earth. Ganga is also depicted as a mother who is nourishing, embracing and forgiving. Ganga's waters are said to be like milk, the drink of life itself for humans.

About the Mithila Institute: Founded in 2003 in Madhubani, Bihar, the center of the ancient Indian Mithila painting tradition, the Mithila Art Institute focuses on developing the aritstic skills of the next generation of Mithila painters. The Institute focuses on developing the talent of students regardless of their social or economic background and encourages them to explore their own experiences through their paintings.

  • Digital print
  • Small - 11 inches x 14 inches
  • Large - 24 inches x 32 inches