The gaiwan, translating literally to “lid and bowl” and usually also including a saucer, is a simple and traditional Chinese brewing vessel for tea.  All three parts are cupped in one hand while the fingers are used to move the lid slightly out of the way, allowing the tea to be sipped or poured into another cup. 

The three parts of the gaiwan are held in one hand to pour the liquid into one of the tasting cups while the leaves remain in the gaiwan. The lid can also be used to stir the leaves before and after the steeping process to stimulate taste and aroma. See instructions below.

1. Put the infuser in the gaiwan bowl.
2. Put one teaspoon of dry loose-leaf tea leaves in the bowl of the gaiwan.
3. Rinse the bowl and tea leaves with hot water for ten seconds, enclosing with the lid.
4. Hold the bottom of the bowl and the top knob of the lid (holding all three parts of the gaiwan), sliding the lid back so as to release the water as you pour.
5. Fill the bowl with water and allow the tea to brew (refer to Happy Lucky's brewing instructions).
6. Again, hold the bottom of the bowl and the top knob of the lid (holding all three parts of the gaiwan), sliding the lid back so as to release the tea as you pour it into a cup.
7. Enjoy!

We call it a travel gaiwan but it certainly doesn’t mind staying at home to become a faithful companion of your daily tea adventures. Whichever way you like it, the unique characteristics of this porcelain gaiwan is that it features a spout and a lip all around the inside surface on which the lid rests. No more wobbly lids with this straightforward design. The spout proposes a set opening for pouring out with good precision and flow. The inside allows the user to easily stack 3 Elegant Low Tasting Cups and have the lid rest on the brim of the top cup. When cinched inside the proposed Teapot Pouch, the set is extremely compact and rattle-free for worry-free carrying wherever your tea adventures bring you. The intention behind this stackable configuration was to come up with a compact and practical solution to pack-up and travel with quality tea ware that would enable to user to enjoy a proper gongfu style infusion for 3 guests. Porcelain as material was an easy choice as it hard-wearing and makes a superb cup of any type of tea. All elements are handcrafted in Taiwan.

Our Classic Gaiwan is a practical and versatile way to prepare gong fu tea.  It's made of porcelain, which means that the material itself is neutral and will not affect the tea's taste, aroma, or body.  It's very easy to clean and can be used for all types of teas.  We use these exact same gaiwans nearly everyday.  They're real workhorses.

Additional Information:

  • Porcelain
  • Includes gaiwan with strainer, saucer, and lid plus two cups
  • Made in China
  • Size: 3.5 x 3.75 inches

A gaiwan is a three-piece set that is the among the most traditional tea brewing implements of the world. Its beauty is its simplicity. Each gaiwan comes with a cup, a saucer, and a lid. Gaiwans are ideal for gongfu brewing, as their wide rim provides excellent views of the stories of the leaves. This particular gaiwan is a great introductory piece because it is small enough for solo tea sessions, but big enough to share tea with friends. Using the same piece for big and small parties will teach you how to work with tea, and help you develop your tea brewing skills.