Floral Elixir - Jasmine

Floral Elixir’s handcrafted, all-natural flower syrups for cocktails and sodas are more potent than regular syrups. Made from real flowers and botanicals, they have a delicate sweet/citrus balance.

The elixir is produced in 10-gallon batches and each bottle is filled by hand by a small team to assure the highest quality control, as the flowers, herbs, extracts and plant-based colors are all delicate.

Jasmine flowers, which only bloom at night, are known for their strong, sweet floral notes and their aphrodisiac and calming properties. Distilled extracts of freshly picked jasmine flowers are used to create this elixir exoticin both aroma and flavor. 

Tasting Notes:

Strong floral, honeysuckle, citrus