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Echo on the Bay

Echo on the Bay

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In this Mishima Prize–winning masterpiece about a fishing village on the Japanese coast, a new police chief plays audience for the locals, who routinely approach him with bottles of liquor and stories to tell. As the city council election approaches, and tongues are loosened by drink, evidence of rampant corruption piles up and a long-held feud between the village’s captains of industry, two brothers-in-law, threatens to boil over.

Meanwhile, the chief’s teenage daughter is listening, slowly piecing the locals' accounts together, reading into their words and poring over the silence they leave behind. As horrific violence — including a dangerous attempt to save indentured Korean coal mine workers from the Japanese military police and the fate of a group of Chinese refugees — steadily comes into focus, she sets out for the bay, where the tide has recently turned red and an ominous boat from the past has suddenly reappeared.

"Echo on the Bay" is a quiet, masterful epic in village miniature, proof again that there are no small stories and that history’s untreated wounds, no matter how hidden, always threaten to resurface.

Masatsugu Ono resides in Ōita Prefecture and maintains a steady output of fiction while working as an associate professor at the Rikkyo University. After doing graduate work at the University of Tokyo, Ono earned his PhD at the University of Paris VIII. His first novel, The Water-Covered Grave won the Asahi Award for New Writers. His second novel, Boat on a Choppy Bay, won the Mishima Yukio Prize.

 Additional Information:

  • Author: Masatsugo Ono. Translator: Angus Turvill
  • Published 2020
  • 160 pages, softcover
  • 8 X 5 inches
  • Ages 16+ 
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