Mandarinquat & Ume Plum Marmalade

Layered, citrusy, and with lingering taste, this marmalade is made with rare tree-ripened mandarinquats that ae hand-harvested from a private Napa Valley garden. Mandarinquat is the bigger, mellower cousin of kumquat, with milder, sweeter skin and a party-in-your-mouth tangy, juicy interior. This seedless marmalade is made from the whole fruit cooked in orange juice and with a purée of ume plums added.

Yumé Boshi is a small food producer located in Oakland, California that makes Japanese preserves in small batches, using traditional artisanal methods and local produce from California.

Additional information

  • Very limited production
  • Ingredients: mandarinquats, ume plums, organic sugar
  • 5 ounces
  • Made in San Francisco