Nessie Ladle Set
Nessie Ladle Set Nessie Ladle Set Nessie Ladle Set

Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner met in 1999 at the Ascola School of Art and Design in Tel Aviv. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In 2004 they embarked on a mission to open a design studio, and named it OTOTO, which in Hebrew means “any minute now”, with the understanding that an innovative idea can pop into your head at any given moment.

The OTOTO team believe humor to be an important part of their design process. They try to infuse that whimsy and playfulness into every product, alongside its functionality.

All the Nessie family - Mamma, Nessie and Baby, in one pack! Mythical time in the kitchen is guaranteed.

  • Colander, Ladle and Infuser
  • Materials: Silicone and Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Designed in Israel, Manufactured in Hong Kong
  • Dimensions:5.5x4.8x15