Yamatsu Tsujita Co. Ltd. is located just outside Osaka, Japan. Fourth generation owner Tsujita-san is passionate about his spices and has gone so far as to single-handedly save the cultivation of Japanese Takanotsume (Hawk's Claw) chili. This chili is highlighted in his shichimi togarashi.
In this shichimi togarashi, Tsujita-san highlights the aroma and taste of dried yuzu. While not as spicy as the Tsujita-san's regular shichimi togarashi, it still has a nice bit of heat from the Takanotsume ("Hawk's Claw") peppers. Use this yuzu shichimi togarashi on dishes where you want a citrus-y brightness, such as a corn miso soup or on top of grilled fish. Also goes great on grilled chicken.
  • Keep in freezer when not using to preserve freshness.
  • Ingredients: dried yuzu peel, red chili pepper, golden sesame seeds, seaweed, Japanese pepper (sansho), poppy seeds
  • 15g package
  • Made in Japan