Everything about a nutty black sesame seed is the same as its white counterpart, except for one thing — it hasn't had its hull removed during the processing stage. That lends black sesame seeds a slightly stronger toasted flavor and a gorgeously distinctive look, especially when scattered over pillowy dinner rolls, pale hummus, or a smear of yogurt. Highly drought-tolerant, the plant that produces them grows wild in Africa and India, but is now farmed around the world.

Spicewalla is the latest venture from acclaimed restaurateur Meherwan Irani – a self-taught chef who has been nominated for five James Beard Awards. It is inspired by his childhood in India, when his family would make their own dhansak masala from fresh whole spices hand-picked from their own farmland, then roast and grind it themselves. Spicewalla's products, roasted and ground in-house to bring out the freshest flavors, come in tins designed to keep your spices fresh, just like in India. Tins are also refillable: buy your refills in compostable bags when you are running low.


Additional Information:

  • 9 ounces
  • Made in North Carolina