Buddhas in the Palm of Your Hand
Buddhas in the Palm of Your Hand Buddhas in the Palm of Your Hand

This 96-page handy pocket-sized hardcover book is a collection of passages from Buddhist scripture, Japanese prayers and poetry. These passages are shown together with 46 images of Buddhist icons such as statues, clay molded reliefs decorated interiors of temples, miniature pagodas, pagoda-shaped reliquaries, and woodblock prints. This charming text fits in the palm of your hand. The images of small Buddhas, are supplemented by the words of the Buddha and famous historical monks such as Kukai and Saigyo. Its purpose to heal those who are stressed, depressed, those who are grieving and anyone else who is searching for a ray of hope. 10 works are designated as important cultural properties, selected from the Nara National Museum and Tokyo National Museum.


  • Authors: Kazuya Takaoka, Mutsuo Takahashi
  • Published 2019
  • 400 pages, hardcover
  • 6 ½ x 8.8 inches