Boxed Cards - Album of Flowers
Floral motifs have always played an important role in Chinese art. Aside from their intrinsic beauty, flowers possess symbolic significance and, in some cases, associations with the seasons of the year. The late-blooming chrysanthemum, for example--a flower of the ninth moon--symbolizes autumn and stands for longevity.

In the time of the Kangxi Emperor, to hear the name Yun in association with flower painting was to know, sight unseen, that the work would be first-rate. A member of the celebrated lineage of the artist Yun Shouping, Yun Bing (fl. 1670-1710) achieved fame in her own right and had children who would also become well known for their paintings. This set features four reproductions of paintings on silk by Yun Bing. Concise notes on the subject flower and its symbolism accompany each image.

20 cards and envelopes
5" x 7"