From iconic designer Reiner Knizia comes a new game for 2–6 players of keeping the Emperor close and your enemies closer. Illustrated by Kevin Hong.

Every year the Emperor and his entourage walk through the gardens to greet the spring. Everyone will step over their rivals to be standing closest to the Emperor as he reaches the Cherry Blossoms, but to accidentally step in front of the Emperor would be a huge mistake.

Sakura is a light tactical game of trying to reach the Emperor’s side without overstepping your boundaries. Each player will simultaneously decide how far to move both their character and the Emperor. The player closest to the Emperor when the Cherry Blossoms are reached will gain a huge amount of prestige, but if you push your luck too far you risk bumping into the Emperor and walking away in disgrace.


  • Players: 2–6
  • Playing Time: 30–40 minutes
  • Ages: 10+
  • Components: Double-sided playing board, 60 cards, 50 prestige tokens, 6 player figures, Emperor figure
  • 8.8 X 6.3 inches