Teachings of the Garden: Conversations in Japan

Viennese art historian and cultural scientist Carola Platzek takes an eleventh-century Japanese gardening manual as a starting point for her exploration of the history of Japanese gardens. The Japanese garden is neither void simply contemplative nor purely aesthetic, but a social compendium containing stories about an order that lies at the very foundation of a society—it is a total work of art and applied philosophy. Platzek spoke with gardeners, garden historians, as well as Buddhist and Shinto priests about their work with traditional concepts that shape Japanese design, introducing readers to systems such as the Sakuteiki, the Tea Way, the Eight Views genre, and waka poetry, making their interconnections accessible.

  • Authors: Makoto Akasaka, Contributors Hiromasa Amasaki, Myokyu Fujisato
  • Pub Date: 1/3/2020
  • 92 Pages, Trade Paperback
  • 3 x 6 inches